I.G. Parker have recently been awarded the preliminary works involved with restoring the historic Joseph Reed Facade at Melbourne University.

Abbotsford Chapel Restoration Article

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The classical style building, located in Bellair Street was first constructed in 1901. During World War II it was used as a command post. It served as a legal centre in the 1980s. It is heritage listed and currently operates as a community centre, dance and ballet school. The building is currently being restored, with work being done to preserve the facade and foundations of the building.

Williamstown Town Hall Restoration (External Link)

St James Cathedral

St James Old Cathedral, an Anglican church, is the oldest church in Melbourne, Australia, and one of only three buildings in the central city which predate the Gold Rush of 1851. The church's foundation stone was laid on 9 November 1839 by Charles La Trobe, the Superintendent of the Port Phillip District (now Victoria), in what was then still part of New South Wales. Melbourne was then only four years old, and the church was one of the first substantial brick buildings to be built in the town. The church was designed by the town surveyor Robert Russell (after whom Russell St is named) and built by George Beaver. One of the founders of Melbourne, John Batman, was among the subscribers who paid for the church's construction. It was opened in 1842 and completed in 1847